Deep Learning System
Cryptocurrency Predictions

Time series forecasting, trading strategy execution, backtesting, paper and live trading.

E2E ML Pipelines Library
Fluent TFX

A Fluent and Compact Tensorflow Extended API Layer with sensible defaults, available as a PyPi package.

Deep Learning Experiment
PoseNet Dino

Physically play Chrome's offline dino game by physically jumping around in your room.

Deep Learning Library
TF Technical Indicators

Fincancial Technical Indicators for market analysis as Tensorflow Graph Code, available as a PyPi package.

Deep Learning Experiment
Generative Text Chatbots

Word and character based RNN models.

Open Source Conntributions

Contribution of several SQL commands and tests, enhanhed the query parser a little.

Open Source Conntributions

Hacktoberfest contributions on embedded C++ code. Designed and architected a big portion of the next-gen visualization tool with Vue.js.

Study Guide
Awesome Dronecraft

A study plan to fully understand how autonomous drones work.

internship app

Summer Internship work on event ticket android apps.


A simple Vue.js with gridsome website exposing bad electoral processes of the Greek Basketball Federation.

3 Projects
Game Development

Unreal Engine 4 contributions, a published game on Steam, Minecraft server mods.