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Lambda (λ) Automata

Since late 2021, I've joined λ-automata as a Co-Founding Engineer.

We're building AI-first systems for autonomous surveillance, reconnaissance, and superhuman situational awareness.

We are a team of engineers, defense experts and former military officers, set on a mission to create cutting-edge technology for the European Defense sector at Silicon Valley-style speed and agility.

We're hiring.


  • Theodoros was born and raised in Athens, Greece
  • He came across Java randomly on the internet while studying at junior high school
  • And made numerous minecraft mods during that time
  • After starting his studies at the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department - University of Patras
  • He gradually transitioned from game development to web and android development and became interested and passionate about software engineering, best practises and robust, scalable systems
  • Halfway through his studies, he discovered what machine learning is all about, and has been practising it ever since


Over the years, a wide range of tools, programming languages and operating systems got employed in order to make an even more diverse set of projects.

Eventually, the programming languages that are more frequently used converged to Python for most Data Science or Machine Learning workloads, scripts and lightweight tooling, C# for Web APIs and JavaScript for frontend work.

The public cloud services is something to be embraced. The deep learning framework of choice is the tensorflow and pytorch ecosystem. The weapon of choice against aliens is matrix multiplication. I stay up to date with machine learning and continuously refine my skillset in order to have a good grasp of the industry's state and best practises. My skillset is focused on machine and deep learning, but it also spans the dimensions of Web & Mobile App Development, AI on the Edge, IoT and big data.

Occasionally playing competitive video games

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Isaac Newton 15 February 1676

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